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We are The Answer!

Welcome to Local 42 of the International Wenches Guild! The 2018 season is here. 
Let the Merriment begin!

Hello Local 42 Wenches!! As everyone knows,"We are THE Answer!" No matter what the question and always have your towel ready at hand!

Welcome to the Maryland Renaissance Festival, which is set in the village of Revel Grove; and to the Virginia Renaissance Festival, set in Staffordshire. Each are recreations of 16th century English villages. Also, our home away from home, set in another time. Within these villages you will find great food, great clothing, beautiful jewels, and shops that will dazzle the eye and tickle your fancy! In the roadways and on the stages you will be entertained and delighted with all manner of performances from talented actors, singers and musicians not to mention feats of daring! We come here for old friends, new friends and to be with family.
On this site you'll find some helpful hints and answers to some FAQs to help make your time in Revel Grove and Staffordshire more enjoyable, and... well... FUN! Please look over the website, using it as a guide to help enhance your overall Wench experience at Revel Grove and Staffordshire. Please know that it was made with your, and all of those who comes to MDRF and VARF, safety and enjoyment in mind.
This is my first year as Madame of Local 42. I have been a member of Local 42 for the last 15 years and I decided to run for Madame. Local 42 is very important part of my life. I enjoy being a wench, I enjoy spending time with my sister wenches not only at faire, but also outside of faire, at outings, S&Bís, and just plain visiting with them.  Within the guild I have made many friends, some that I now count as family. I hope each of my sister wenches feel the same.
Our local is a very open guild of women and men. We have people from all walks of life. We strive to welcome anyone that wants to join our group. Please join us in another fun filled year.

Let's all work together to make this year one of our most memorable, enjoyable, and fun filled years ever. Welcome once again members of Local 42 of the International Wenches Guild!
Hip! Hip! Huzzah!
Mistress Dee
Madame, Local 42
IWG #1583
Delinda Price

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